Travel Packages vs. Tickets

We surveyed multiple users on whether they would buy a package or Tickets, this returned the below results

  • Travel Packages include all WrestleMania Event tickets and Hotels in one Purchase which can be more convenient, and you don’t need to use ticket-seller sites. Buying separate is just that, you need to purchase everything separate in different transactions and book the hotel separate which is less convenient as buyers need to keep an eye on on-sale dates etc.

  • Travel packages can give peace of mind that everything is bought which is less stressful, where buyers constantly need to watch out for on sale dates with tickets and worry that tickets might sell out which is a lot more stressful.

  • With the top tier travel packages, you will receive the commemorative WrestleMania steel chair, you will only receive this on separate tickets with the very top tier tickets.

  • With Travel Packages, WWE do the planning for you and provide the ticket choices which are custom to their preferences, but you’re guaranteed tickets to all WWE events, with separate tickets you have more flexibility for your own preferences, and you plan it all yourself, but tickets might sell out.

  • Buying travel packages can be a simple process, whereas ticket-selling sites are known to be a nightmare to use when tickets go on-sale.

  • Travel packages can be more expensive pending on preference however WWE provide the cost there and then, however separate tickets can be overall cheaper Pending on preference, but you might or might not go over budget.

  • With travel packages you pay all the money at once, with tickets you pay separately for each event, there are no price plans for travel packages.

  • WWE provide the travel package choices regardless of your budget, however with separate tickets you can tailor your experience to your own personal preferences and budget.

  • There is a high degree of excitement opening the packages to see what seats you’ve received for each event, but you won’t receive the package for a few months, whereas with tickets you know your seats straight away and receive your tickets straight away.

  • You have better chance getting frost row with travel packages where it’s harder to get floor seats with separate tickets.

  • You’re stuck with WWE’s schedule getting travel packages where you have more flexibility and what shows to choose to go to when buying separately.

  • There are no choices with hotels with travel packages, however you can choose your own hotels with separate tickets.

  • WWE accept all global locations when buying packages, whereas ticket sites mightn’t accept buyers outside the US/Canada.