Wrestling Updates : 


One option is to forgo the packages and book everything separately. There’s a trade-off here: Value for increased hassle.

In general, it’s best to be ready to buy your tickets DAY-OF to ensure the best seats. It usually takes a while for things to sell out (AXXESS, especially, tends to have availability almost up to the event), but you don’t want to get caught having to hit a secondary ticket stub for tickets at beefed-up prices.

PRE-SALE: There should be a presale on TicketMaster a few days before the general sale. You will require codes to access this sale.

Follow @WrestleMania on Twitter and keep an eye out on this website and the dirtsheets for all the codes, which will be easy to find.

International buyers will have to pick their tickets up at Will Call (not a major issue and don’t forget to bring your Passport/Drivers License and the credit/debt card you used to purchase). US buyers can have their tickets delivered.

In previous years, people have gamed the system by opening a separate (US) TicketMaster account and transferring their tickets, thus being able to print them out and skip Will Call. 

The other option is to purchase WrestleMania Packages. 

These can be extremely helpful if you don’t want to book everything separately and want the benefit of having tickets to WrestleMania, Raw, Smackdown, NXT, Hall of Fame and AXXESS purchased at one time.

The downside is WWE will choose your seating for all events and you wont know what the seats are until you receive the packages.

​You can see previous package prices here and the dates packages previously went on sale here.