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WrestleMania Packages

List of WrestleMania Packages for the upcoming WrestleMania


Previous WrestleManias

List of Previous WrestleMania Packages

Previous Package Costs

Cost of all previous WrestleMania Travel Packages

Packages vs Tickets

Pros vs Cons of buying Packages vs Tickets


Previous On Sale Dates

List of all previous on sale dates for packages and tickets

WrestleMania Calculator

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Live Event List

List of Live Events for WrestleMania weekend



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Travel2Mania is an information hub for all wrestling fans looking to attend Wrestlemania be it their first or 40th.

We provide information on WWE WrestleMania Travel packages both past and present. Travel2Mania provides more information than just this, we provide information on:

  • Previous Wrestlemania Package costs

  • Previous Package and Ticket on-sale dates

  • Seating charts for previous WrestleManias

  • Pros vs cons of buying Packages and Tickets

  • WrestleMania Trip Calculator to help budget your trip

  • Other events on WrestleMania Weekend

  • Activities you can do in the upcoming Wrestlemania Location​

If there is information you would like posted on Travel2Mania.com, let us know via the Contact Us form

Looking forward to helping you all plan for your next WrestleMania Trip.



Packages On Sale

Packages usually go on sale in October

Package Costs

From the last three Wrestlemanias, packages vary between $1,150 to $9,220 each.

Packages or Tickets?

Its entirley up to you, both have their pros and cons, but in the end it depends on personal preference.

How much will WrestleMania cost?

Again it depends on the person, if they get packages or ticket and where they live. Use the Travel Calculator to get an idea of cost.



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