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Live Event List

wdt_ID Live / Not Live Federation Event Day Date Time Location Price
1 Live GCW Glory Pro (GCW) Thursday March 31st 11am Fair Park TBD
2 Live GCW Bloodsport 8 (GCW) Thursday March 31st 3pm Fair Park TBD
5 Live WC AAA (WC) Thursday March 31st 5pm Fairmont Dallas TBD
6 Live IHWE IHWE Thursday March 31st 5pm Ridgelea Theatre TBD
7 Live MLW MLW Thursday March 31st 6pm Gilley's $10-$120
8 Live IHWE IHWE Thursday March 31st 7pm Ridgelea Theatre TBD
9 Live GCW Spring Break Night 1 (GCW) Thursday March 31st 8pm Fair Park TBD
10 Live NAWA Nightmare Before Mania Thursday March 31st 8pm - 3am Upper 90 Soccer Center $20
11 Live WC WrestleCon Supershow Thursday March 31st 9pm Fairmont Dallas TBD
12 Live GCW For the Culture (GCW) Thursday March 31st 11:59pm Fair Park TBD
13 Live WWE Smackdown Friday April 1st ? American Airlines Center TBD
14 Live WC TBA (WC) Friday April 1st 1pm Fairmont Dallas TBD
15 Live ZPW ZPW Friday April 1st 3pm Ridglea Theatre $16-$35
16 Live WC NJPW (WC) Friday April 1st 5pm Fairmont Dallas TBD
17 Live RoH RoH Friday April 1st 7pm Curtis Culwell Center $25 - $70
18 Live Zowa Zowa Live Friday April 1st 7pm Cover All Bases $15
19 Live GCW Wrld on Lucha (GCW) Friday April 1st 8pm Fair Park TBD
20 Live WC Impact (WC) Friday April 1st 9pm Fairmont Dallas TBD
21 Live GCW Spring Break Night 2 (GCW) Saturday April 2nd 12:01am Fair Park TBD
22 Live WC TBA (WC) Saturday April 2nd 11am Fairmont Dallas TBD
23 Live RCW RCW Saturday April 2nd Noon Knights of Columbus TBD
24 Live GCW Mission Pro (GCW) Saturday April 2nd 3pm Fair Park TBD
25 Live WWE WrestleMania Night 1 Saturday April 2nd 6:30pm AT&T Stadium $50-$10k
26 Live GCW Unsanctioned Pro (GCW) Saturday April 2nd 7pm Fair Park TBD
27 Live NTW New Texas Pro Saturday April 2nd 11:59pm St. Jude's Hall TBD
28 Live GCW GWF Sunday April 3rd 3pm St. Jude's Hall $5 - $15
29 Live WWE WrestleMania Night 2 Sunday April 3rd 6:30pm AT&T Stadium $50-$10k
30 Live WWE Raw Monday April 4th 6:30pm American Airlines Center TBD
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