Purchasing WrestleMania Packages

First thing you need to do is ensure you are on the WrestleMania package mailing list. If you're not, send an “Add me to the WrestleMania Package mailing list” email to WrestleMania.Packages@wwecorp.com

Once the package announcement date is decided, WWE will e-mail everyone on the list with the sale date and instructions.


Depending on where you are in the world, you might be better off booking a day off work to be ready to get the packages.


WWE will advertise the cost and contents of packages before hand so you will have already decided the package you want.


Your best to call your credit card company also and let them know there will be a transaction on your card on the on-sale date(whatever it is) in USD. At least then you can avoid the charge been unauthorized. From personal experience also, you're better to have the payment for the package already on your card to avoid the inevitable “no sufficient funds” decline.


Keep an eye on the dirt-sheets and WrestleMania Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can find:

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